Back with guy….

So there is to many thing but if u have someone u love and u want to change do want u can tell them the truth and dont use or hurt or yell dont walk away form the one u love dont hurt or ly do something good for them 



You are so not going to believe this I have no boyfriend yeah and on top of that I am like sitting at home watching this amazing show and then on top of that I have a freaking cold and it hasn’t gone away so OMG

Single girl 

So me and my ex are done and i have nobody right know he left me for a really better girl and i feel he will never come back and im sad i love him i would love to be with him for ever and ever and ever but i feel he just wont do it idk why but i feel when i sleep ik he will never come back and if i die he will for get me just like that 

Love / maybe 

Today 2 things happened one he sais he would give me a chance but then i thought if i dump him and stop the whole thing i can moive on with my life and for get him but i feel like i dont ever want to i feel like i want someone who cares and love me for who i am 

Bad day 

Okay this week has been boring one im single and i just dump my boyfriend who likes someone els idk but if u have someone who love and care pls think aboit what u want to do because im single and idk if i should even be friends with him 

Today was hard 

This is going to sound wears but idk if i want to be in a relationship idk but this is going to make me sick to my stomach thinking about it i mean i had a love in my life and then things just got waerd i mean can’t drink or go to partys or have fun idk if u think i should tell me this is werad because idk anymore 

Something weard 

Okay let me tell u something if ur in a relationship and u dont know what to do how are u supposed to be okay with the prson i mean u could say i love u if he is okay with it or u can just walk away but u still dont know what to do idk i feel like im stuck in a whole and i cant get out unless i walk away and idk anymore i mean i love him but i still feel like there is nothing. But i dont know what he wants sometimes i feel difficult around him if i sow him but ik if he and i want the same maybe but we will see what he and i want.